Welcome to Trinity

Presbyterian Church, Cork

Statement of Faith

We have orthodox Christian beliefs, based on the Bible. We believe in the Trinity, that Christ died as the only sacrifice to make us able to come to God. 
We believe that whatever happens, God is in control and that we may know his love simply through personal trust. There is nothing we can do to get his favour; it is a free gift. The word ‘Presbyterian’ comes from the Greek word for elder presbyteros. Democratically appointed elders make collective decisions at every level of our denomination’s structure.
The aim is to be accountable to the membership, while affirming and protecting the duty of ministers to preach the Word of God without fear or fWe try also to co-operate with other churches in matters of common concern where we can work together without compromise of the basic message that Jesus Christ is the only     way to God the Father. (John 14.6)

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