Welcome to Trinity

Presbyterian Church, Cork

Want to follow Jesus?

The most important need of all humans is to have our sins forgiven and thus avoid God's anger at our sin (and avoid going to Hell) and enjoy a full relationship with Him (and go to Heaven when we die) and all the blessings that come with that in this life. 

By nature we want little to do with God really, most of us (If we believe at all) are content to pay lip service to him or say a prayer when in trouble or go to church the odd time. Whilst others with some idea of who God is want to get into God's good books by living (according to our standards!) a good life. The thinking there being that if I do all these good things or dont do these bad things God will reward me. However the good news is that all we have to do to avoid his anger at our sin and gain his love is to have faith in Jesus.  In fact God has no time for all our efforts to please him. He wants us to have faith in Him and trust him totally, any effort to try and get him on our side by our behaviour is insulting to him.  

The truth is God is much more loving and much more holier than we can ever imagine and certainly more so than Irish society currently holds. 

If you want to be a Christian, start praying to him now. Ask him for forgiveness for all the ways you have failed to do what he has done. Take a look a the 10 Commandments and see what we mean. Thereafter come to church with us, we'll try our best to teach you what it means to follow Jesus everyday, we are learning to follow him ourselves! but together we can make a good go of it. 

In fact, the good news of Jesus has many facets, not only are our sins forgiven but we also have:

  • the power of the Holy Spirit living in us to help us to live for God and with God everyday,
  • an increasing assurance that we are going to heaven, and are in the good graces of God, with a baseline certainty of this that never wavers
  • a new family of Christians around us who pray for us and care for us,
  • power over the devil and all evil spiritual forces,
  • Jesus himself, taking our requests to God the father on our behalf, which is to say our prayers are always heard if not always granted.
  • our souls reborn with the result that  we can understand the message of the bible like never before, and take great comfort from it.
  • the right to talk to God as a Father, knowing he cares for us more than our earthly ones every could or did.

The gospel is power for the Christian life. Every Sunday we worship God and are reminded taught and sing about the Gospel its promises and its demands. We need to hear again and again that we are forgiven that we are loved that we dont need to work to get into God's good books but instead because of what Jesus has done we can enjoy the grace of God right now. Through prayer, the teaching of God's word,  the use of the sacraments and the encouragement and challenge of our church we can walk through this life. Will you join us? 

Come down to the church any day or on Sunday to see what we mean. Or call the church on 021 241 1691 or the minister on 0899 726 790