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Presbyterian Church, Cork

Giving and Support

Support the work in Cork

If you would like to support us in Cork, we need 3 things: Prayer, People and Money.  


Please pray for us, more than anything else prayer will bless us. Of course you can pray for us from anywhere and without any help from us, that said if you follow us on social media www.facebook.com/trinity.cork or www.instagram.com/trinitypresbyteriancork or snapchat @trintypresbcx you will know the kind of things we think we need prayer for.  

You can also sign up for our News/Prayer email by clicking here. 


Many folk recommend us to their friends who are moving to cork or coming to study or holiday. We appreciate you sending them our way.  Perhaps you yourself would like to come and worship with us? Feel free to call in any Sunday. 


At any time you can give to us by transferring funds to:

Trinity United Presbyterian Church, Ulster bank, 88 Patrick's Street Cork. 

Sort Code 985480

Account Number:  16783020 

IBAN: IE17 ULSB 9854 8016 783020

or you can send to us via paypal  by visiting paypal.me/trinitypresbyterian. 

Sometimes people have said to us they would rather give to a project. Below is a list of things you could contribute too. Most are small enough- some are not! If you wanted to help with these please contact us via email secretary@presbyteriancork.com or by phone on 021 241 1691. 

1. Re-plaster entire inside of church sanctuary. Some poor work years ago has resulted in peeling plaster in many areas. This is a huge job which will probably cost in excess of 700,000 euro. 

2. Install new sound system, a lot of complaints about our sound has forced us to look at this. c12,000 euro.    In process- Thanks!

3. Re-plaster and paint the McCully room. This is one of our main meeting rooms and the ministers office, much of the plaster is peeling off. 

4. Remove the couple of tonnes of earth from front of church and plant grass in its place. There is a substantial area of our front that could be redeveloped for outside events. When our car-park was made most of the excess rubble was dumped there.  c1500 euro.

6. Fence off upper triangle, to make it safe and help with any further development of it. A small area of scrub land that adjoins our neighbours. It needs securing before we can clear it. We would love to turn it into an outdoor Sunday school or meeting area. 

7. Fix the squeaky boards underneath lectern. It's like standing on a crying child!!

8. Re-kerb the lane down to main road.

9. Downstairs store room is in very bad shape and it's not safe to put things there nor take them into it! It needs a new floor (it's just bare earth) the walls plastered, shelving installed, and a new bannister on the stairs down to it.    

10. Re-carpet whole front area including the wheelchair ramp.

11. Re-carpet main church building.  Both sets of carpet are getting to the auld and tatty stage. 

12. Re-brass the light fixtures either side of the pulpit. 

13. Fix huge hole in the ceiling in back entrance hallway. More hole than ceiling. 

14. Re-point kerb border between car-park and grass.

15. Replace flooring in meeting room. Our principal meeting room has a floor that tests your confidence in wood.  

16. Fix clock door and remove the confusing extra part of the minute hand.  Every time you look at it you are confused. 

17. Fix camera 2 in the front security cameras and camera 3 in back. 

18. Concrete the path beside the storehouse and from showers. 

Giving to Trinity helps: 
  1. pay for the upkeep our of our meeting house and halls,  
  2. pay our staff (currently just the minister), 
  3. contribute to the work of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and our presbytery's work (Our presbytery is the Dublin and Munster Presbytery) 
  4. and lastly it enables us to give to others. Beneath are all of the groups we have supported financially in the last year. 

Partners with communities in East Africa, to drill wells for water, sponsor the schooling of children, building schools and running health programs. 

Colin Jenkins, is a port missionary. He visits ships in Cork harbour to evangelise and witness to the seamen. 

A late night city outreach on Saturday nights.

Cuan Lee
St Vincent’s Hostel
International Justice Mission
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Tear Fund
Open Doors
Street Pastors
Derek French
Cork Deaf Association
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Cork Mental Health Foundation