Welcome to Trinity

Presbyterian Church, Cork



Trinity Church

Our beautiful church building is located in the centre of Cork, at the end of McCurtain street. Strictly speaking it is on Little William Street, just off York Street. It can hold about 300 people and has two rooms at the back that are used by the crèche and by small groups for prayer and bible study. The building was built in 1861. We try to have it open for visitors each weekday morning.  On Wednesdays two of our leadership offer guided tours of the building and its history. 

Church Halls

These are sometimes available for other functions. 

A big Church Hall has 131 qm with a modern kitchen and toilet and shower facilities. 

A small Church Hall has 65 qm.  

If you are interested in renting our halls , please find here the details on terms & conditions. If you're group includes children or vulnerable adults you will need to fulfill our child protection protocols, this includes: seeing a copy of your Child Protection policy, your insurance, a list of names of the leaders working with the children and verification that each one of them has been vetted by the Guards. This applies even if you are only using the facilities for one time only.  Lastly the halls are not available, Friday afternoon, all day Saturday or all day Sunday. 

For all rentals your first point of contact is our secretary.  Email: secretary@presbyteriancork.com

Car Parking
Our car park is available for those coming to worship on Sunday. Throughout the week we rent out the right to use our parking facilities on a yearly basis. Access to the car park is reasonably secured by an electronic gate, again contact the secretary for more information if you are interested in using the car-park, as we have spaces available from time to time  secretary@presbyteriancork.com